Elie RAPHAEL

                        UMR CNRS Gulliver 7083
                        ESPCI, 10 rue Vauquelin
                        Escalier F, bureau F 3.13

                        75231 Paris Cedex 05
                        Tél. : +33 (0)1 40 79 46 00
                        Fax:  +33 (0)1 40 79 47 31
                        Courriel : elie.raphael(AT)

Je dirige actuellement l'UMR Gulliver 7083, Unité de recherche implantée à l'ESPCI.

Mes activités de recherche concernent la physique de la "matière molle". Je m'intéresse en particulier aux comportements des polymères aux interfaces,  à la dynamique du mouillage et aux ondes de capillarité-gravité.
Pour mes activités d'enseignement à l'ESPCI, voir ici .

I am Director of the UMR Gulliver 7083 located at the The City of Paris Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution ESPCI.

My research areas are focused on the physics of complex fluids. In particular, I am interested in the behavior of polymers at interfaces, in the dynamics of wetting, and in capillary-gravity waves.
For my teaching activities at the ESPCI, see here .

Our work on capillary-gravity waves generated by a slow moving object has been featured in PhysOrg, see here.

Our work on wave drag on floating bodies has been featured in PhysOrg, see here.

Our work on Kelvin wake pattern has been featured in PhysicsWorld (see here) and in Le Monde (see here).

Our recent work on the Plateau-Rayleigh instability on a fiber has been featured in Pour la Science (see here).

Our work on cooperative strings has been featured in Le Monde (see here) and in PhysOrg (see here).

Our recent work on self-amplification of solid friction in interleaved assemblies (that explains why it is so hard to separate a pair of phonebooks whose pages have been interleaved) has been highlighted in APS-Physics (see here) and in PRL Editors' Suggestion (see here) ; it has also been featured in Le Monde (see here), in PhysOrg (see here), in Improbable Research (see here and here), in MIT Technology Review (see here), in CNRS Press Releases (see here) and in many other places.


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Publications récentes / Recent publications:



Van der Waals interaction between a moving nano-cylinder and a liquid thin film
R. Ledesma-Alonso, E. Raphaël, T. Salez, P. Tordjeman, D. Legendre
Submitted,  (2017) ArXiv:1612.02409

Molecular dynamics simulation of the viscocapillary leveling of polymer films
I. Tanis, H. Meyer, T. Salez, E. Raphaël, A. C. Maggs, J. Baschnagel
Submitted,  (2016) ArXiv:1611.04860

Elastohydrodynamic wake and wave resistance
M. Arutkin, R. Ledesma-Alonso, T. Salez, E. Raphaël
Submitted,  (2017) ArXiv:1607.07816

Elastocapillary bending of microfibers around liquid droplets 

R. D. Schulman, A. Porat, K. Charlesworth, A. Fortais, T. Salez, E. Raphaël, K. Dalnoki-Veress
Soft Matter, in press (ArXiv:1607.05990)

Capillary levelling of free-standing liquid nanofilms
M. Ilton, M. M. P. Couchman, C. Gerbelot, M. Benzaquen, P. D. Fowler, H. A. Stone, E. Raphaël, K. Dalnoki-Veress, T. Salez
Physical Review Letters, in press (ArXiv:1602.05538)

Stress concentration in periodically rough hertzian contact: Hertz to soft-flat-punch transition
R. Ledesma-Alonso, L. Léger, E. Raphaël, F. Restagno , C. Poulard
Proceedings of the Royal Society A,  472 (2016)  20160235

Cooperative strings in glassy nanoparticles
M. Arutkin, E. Raphaël, J. A. Forrest, T. Salez
Soft Matter,  DOI: 10.1039/C6SM00724D (2016)   PDF

Wake and wave resistance on viscous thin films
R. Ledesma-Alonso, M. Benzaquen, T. Salez, and E. Raphaël
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 792 (2016) 829-849   PDF

Slip-mediated dewetting of polymer microdroplets   PDF
J. D. McGraw, T. S. Chan, S. Maurer, T. Salez, M. Benzaquen, E. Raphaël, M. Brinkmann, K. Jacobs
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 133 no. 5 (2016) 1168-1173  

Self-amplification of solid friction in interleaved assemblies   PDF
H. Alarcon, T. Salez, C. Poulard, J.-F. Bloch, E. Raphaël, K. Dalnoki-Veress, F. Restagno
Physical Review Letters, 116 (2016) 015502-(1-5)

La transition vitreuse aux interfaces   PDF
T. Salez, E. Raphaël
Reflets de la Physique, 46 (2015) 24-27

Universal contact-line dynamics at the nanoscale   PDF
M. Rivetti, T. Salez, M. Benzaquen, E. Raphaël, and O. Bäumchen
Soft Matter,  11 (2015) 9247-9253

Symmetry plays a key role in the erasing of patterned surface features
M. Benzaquen, M. Ilton, M. V. Massa, T. Salez, P. Fowler, E. Raphaël, K. Dalnoki-Veress
Applied Physics Letters, 107 (2015) 053103   PDF

Wave drag on a submerged sphere
A. Benusiglio, F.  Chevy, E. Raphaël, C. Clanet
Physics of Fluids, 27 (2015) 072101-(1-11)   PDF

Cooperative strings and glassy interfaces
T. Salez, J. Salez, K. Dalnoki-Veress,  E. Raphaël, J. A. Forrest
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112 (2015) 8227  PDF

Influence of Slip on the Plateau-Rayleigh Instability on a Fibre
S. Haefner, M. Benzaquen, 0. Bäumchen, T. Salez, R. Peters, J. D. McGraw, K. Jacobs, E. Raphaël, K. Dalnoki-Veress,
Nature Communications, 6 (2015) 7409   PDF

Indentation of a rigid sphere into an elastic substrate with surface tension and adhesion
C.-Y. Hui, T.Liu, T. Salez, E. Raphaël, A. Jagota
Proceedings of the Royal Society  A 471 (2015) 20140727   PDF

Approach to universal self-similar attractor for the levelling of thin liquid films

M. Benzaquen, P. Fowler, L. Jubin, T. Salez, K. Dalnoki-Veress, E. Raphaël
Soft Matter,  10 (2014) 8608-8614   PDF

Wake pattern and wave resistance for anisotropic moving objects

A. Darmon, M. Benzaquen
E. Raphaël
Physics of Fluids, 26 (2014) 092106-(1-7)   PDF

Transport properties of overheated electrons trapped on a Helium surface
F. Closa, E. Raphaël, A.D. Chepelianskii,
European Physical Journal B,  87 (2014)  190   PDF

Viscoelastic effects and anomalous transient levelling exponents in thin films
M. Benzaquen, T. Salez, E. Raphaël
Europhysics Letters, 106 (2014) 36003-(1-6)   PDF

A direct quantitative measure of surface mobility in a glassy polymer
Y. Chai, T. Salez, J. D. McGraw, M. Benzaquen, K. Dalnoki-Veress,  E. Raphaël, J. A. Forrest
Science, 343 (2014) 994   PDF

Capillary levelling of a cylindrical hole in a viscous film
M. Backholm, M. Benzaquen, T. Salez, E. Raphaël, K. Dalnoki-Veress
Soft Matter,  10 (2014), 2550-2558   PDF

Kelvin wake pattern at large Froud numbers
A. Darmon, M. Benzaquen
E. Raphaël
Journal of Fluids Mechanics Rapids
, 738 (2014)   PDF

Electro-hydrodynamic instability of stressed viscoelastic polymer films
F. Closa, E. Raphaël, F. Ziebert
European Physical Journal E36 (2013) 124-(1-9)   PDF

Relaxation and Intermediate Asymptotics of a Rectangular Trench in a Viscous Film
0. Bäumchen, M. Benzaquen, T. Salez, J. D. McGraw, M. Backholm, P. Fowler,  E. Raphaël, K. Dalnoki-Veress,
Physical Review E, 88 (2013) 035001-(1-5)   PDF

From adhesion to wetting of a soft particle
T. Salez, M. Benzaquen, E. Raphaël
Soft Matter,  9 (2013), 10699-10704   PDF 

Intermediate Asymptotics of the Capillary-Driven Thin Film Equation
M. Benzaquen, T. Salez, E. Raphaël,
European Physical Journal E36 (2013) 82-(1-7)   PDF

Capillary leveling of stepped films with inhomogeneous molecular mobility
J. D. McGraw, T. Salez, 0. Bäumchen E. Raphaël, K. Dalnoki-Veress
Soft Matter,  9 (2013) 8297–8305   PDF

Liquid Hertz Contact: softness of weakly deformed drops on non-wetting substrates
F. Chevy, A.D. Chepelianskii, D. Quéré, E. Raphaël
Europhysics Letters, 100 (2012) 54002-(1-5)   PDF

Numerical solutions of thin film equations for polymer flows
T. Salez, J. D. McGraw, S. L. Cormier, 0. Bäumchen, K. Dalnoki-Veress, E. Raphaël
European Physical Journal E, 35 (2012) 114   PDF

Capillary-driven flow induced by a stepped perturbation atop a viscous film
T. Salez, J. D. McGraw, 0. Bäumchen, K. Dalnoki-Veress, E. Raphaël
Physics of Fluids, 24 (2012) 102111-(1-12)   PDF

Beyond Tanner's Law: Crossover Between Spreading Regimes of a Viscous Droplet on an Identical Film
S. L. Cormier, J. D. McGraw, T. Salez, E. Raphaël, K. Dalnoki-Veress
Physical Review Letters, 109 (2012) 154501-(1-5)   PDF

Self-Similarity and Energy Dissipation in Stepped Polymer Films

J. D. McGraw, T. Salez, 0. Bäumchen, E. Raphaël, K. Dalnoki-Veress
Physical Review Letters, 109 (2012) 128303-(1-5)   PDF

Effects of in-plane elastic stress and normal electric stress on viscoelastic thin film stability
F. Closa, F. Ziebert, E. Raphaël
Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, 7 (4)  (2012) 6   PDF

Capillary-Gravity Waves on Depth-Dependent Currents: Consequences for the Wave Resistance
M. Benzaquen, E. Raphaël
Europhysics Letters, 97 (2012) 14007-(1-4)   PDF

Wave resistance for capillary gravity waves: Finite size effects
M. Benzaquen, F. Chevy, E. Raphaël
Europhysics Letters, 96 (2011) 34003-(1-5)   PDF

Wave drag on floating bodies
M. Le Merrer, C. Clanet, D. Quéré, E. Raphaël, F. Chevy
PNAS, 108 (2011) 15064-15068  PDF

Strong Screening in the Plum Pudding Model
A.D. Chepelianskii, F. Closa, E. Raphaël, E. Trizac
Europhysics Letters, 94 (2011) 68010-(1-5)   PDF

Interplay of internal stresses, electric stresses, and surface diffusion in polymer films
F. Closa, F. Ziebert, E. Raphaël
Physical Review E, 83 (2011) 051603-(1-13)   PDF

Capillary-Based Static Self-Assembly in Higher Organisms
J. Voise, M. Schindler, J. Casas, E. Raphaël
J. R. Soc. Interface, 8 (2011) 1357-1366   PDF

Adhesion of Nanoparticles
J.-M. Carrillo, E. Raphaël, A. Dobrynin
Langmuir, 26 (2010) 12973–12979   PDF

Capillary-Gravity Waves Generated by a Sudden Object Motion
F. Closa, A. D. Chepelianskii, E. Raphaël
Phys. Fluids , 22 (2010) 052107-(1-6)   PDF

Self-Consistent Theory of Capillary-Gravity Waves Generation by small Moving Object
A. D. Chepelianskii, M. Schindler,  F. Chevy, E. Raphaël
Physical Review E , 81 (2010) 016306-(1-7)   PDF

Simple View on Fingering Instability of Debonding Soft Elastic Adhesives
T. Vilmin, F. Ziebert, E. Raphaël
Langmuir, 26 (2010) 3257-3260   PDF

Tuning Microcapsules Surface Morphology Using Blends of Homo and Copolymers of PLGA and PLGA-PEG
E. Pisani, C. Ringard, V. Nicolas, E. Raphaël, V. Rosilio, L. Moine, E. Fattal, N. Tsapis
Soft Matter  5 (2009) 3054-3060   PDF

Dewetting of Thin Polymer Films: Influence of Interface Evolution
F. Ziebert, E. Raphaël
Europhysics Letters, 86 (2009) 46001-(1-6)   PDF

On the Effective Charge of Hydrophobic Polyelectrolytes
A. D. Chepelianskii,  F. Mohammad-Rafiee, E. Trizac, E. Raphaël

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 113 (2009) 3743-3749   PDF

Dewetting Dynamics of Stressed Viscoelastic Thin Polymer Films
F. Ziebert, E. Raphaël
Physical Review E , 79 (2009) 031605-(1-10)   PDF

Conformation of Adsorbed Comb Copolymer Dispersants   PDF
R.J. Flatt, I. Schober, E. Raphaël, C. Plassard, E. Lesniewska
Langmuir, 25 (2009) 845-855

Polymer Physics and Superplasticizers
R. J. Flatt, I. Schober, E. Raphael, E. Lesniewska, C. Plassard
American Concrete Institute Special Publication, 22 (2009) 113-122

Dewetting as an investigative tool for studying properties of thin polymer films
G. Reiter, S. Al Akhrass, M. Hamieh, P. Damman, S. Gabriele, T. Vilmin, 
E. Raphaël
European Physical Journal J
, 166 (2009) 165–172   PDF



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