Recent Meetings

"Molecular Simulation at Bristol". 13th June 2016. Details are here

"The role of structure in dynamical arrest". Mainz, Deutschland. 22nd-24th July 2015. Organised with Thomas Speck. More details.

"Arrested gels : structure, dynamics and applications". Cambridge 23rd-25th March 2015. Organised with Paul Bartlett, Malcom Faers and Alex Routh. More details.

"Spatio-temporal hierarchy in soft matter". Tokyo. 16th-18th March 2015. Organised with Takeaki Araki, Akira Furukawa, Kuni Miyazaki and Jun Yamamoto. More details.

Older news

Rock Legends Minas Tirith on tour in Cornwall.


Summer 2017. Three significant papers:
The dynamical faclitation and thermodynamic descriptions of the glass transition have long been thought to be mutually exclusive. Our work based on the non-equlibrium dyanmical phase transition, the ''mu-ensemble'', we discovered previously provides a possible way to unite these differing interpretations and perhaps even resolve the scientific revolution of the glass transition. The work is published in Phys. Rev. X PDF download, and press release. Our work demonstrating t he mu-ensemble class of dynamical phase transitions in experiments is published in Phys. Rev. Lett. PDF download.

A direct test of the geometric frustration theory of the glass transition. The synopsis: geomeryic frtsration describes dynamical arrest in curved space, but in Euclidean space it isn't the full story. The work is published in Phys. Rev. Lett. PDF download.

Winter 2017. Now in its 10th year, the Cornwall International Soft Matter Workshop featured contributions from Kyoto and Santa Barbera.


Autumn 2016. Key prediction by Bristol Physicist Sir Charles Frank is finally tested. Successfully: fivefold symmetry does suppress crystallisation. Press release and Nature Communications article.

Winter 2016. The "colloidal washing machine" is selected for the cover of Nature Physics. This device enables controlled transmission of torque at the smallest scale yet achieved - a `"nanoclutch". Press release and Nature Physics article.

Winter 2016
New project with the groups of Steve Whitelam and Jeff Urban at the Molecular Foundry in sunny Berkeley, CA. The project is to realise a new form of soft material predicted by Steve Whitelam. Royall group student Ioatzin Rios de Anda (left) spends 2 months working in the Molecular Foundry.


Spring 2015.
We now understand the glass transition a little better. We show how particles "talk to one another" which may resolve the controversy between structureal and dynamic lengthscales. Press release and Nature Communications article.

Review article " The role of structure in dynamical arrest" is published in Physics Reports, selected by the Web of Science as a top 1% cited article. PDF download.

Summer 2013
Our work with Hartmut Loewen's group in Duesseldorf with a model 2D system and optical tweezers reveals an new form of confinement, adaptive confinement, which mimics biological systems and enables the first direct measurement of osmotic pressure in particle-resolved studies. Published in Nature Communications. PDF download from Nature website.


Spring 2013
Our paper " In search of colloidal hard spheres" is selected for the cover of Soft Matter. Novel kinetic trapping in charged colloidal clusters due to self-induced surface charge organization" is published in "Nature" Scientific Reports [link].

Autumn 2012
Paddy Royall Interviewed for University of Bristol's "the future of science". See link to interview and "the future of science".

"First-Order Phase Transition in a Model Glass Former: Coupling of Local Structure and Dynamics", collaboration with Thomas Speck in Duesseldorf is published in Phys. Rev. Lett. Read UoB press release . [link to PDF]

Autumn 2012
Paddy Royall Interviewed for University of Bristol's "the future of science". See link to interview and "the future of science".

Summer 2012
Isla Zhang wins poster prize at Faraday Discussion 158 : "A Soft matter Approach to Structured Foods", Wageningen, Netherlands. Jade Taffs wins poster prize in Bristol Colloid Day.

Spring 2012
A festival to celebrate Bob Evans. Some contributions scientific and many poetic. Winter 2011-2012
CPR publishes ‘Complex Plasmas and Colloidal Dispersions: Particle-resolved Studies of Classical Liquids and Solids’with co-authors Alexei Ivlev, Hartmut Loewen and Gregor Morfill [World Scientific 2012]. link to review by Peter Pusey.
Winter 2010-2011
Prediction of a new form of gel. Until now gels have always been formed of multicomponent materials, namely a liquid solvent and one or more macromolecular or colloidal species. Our work shows that a new class of materials could be produced from fullerenes, which should be long-lived at room temperature and require no solvent. This work was covered by a variety of media sources, including New Scientist, Physics News, Physorg and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Read the article at J. Phys. Chem. B or the Condensed Matter ArXiV.

Summer 2011
Alex Malins wins first talk prize at UoB Colloid Celebration day for talk entitled 'A structural approach to the glass transition'.

Andrew Dunleavy reveals the complexity of glass (Link to PDF).

Summer 2009 Rebecca Rice wins first poster prize, UoB colloid group research day, Jade Taffs wins Balint-Kurti prize for best computational chemistry thesis.

Spring 2009 With collaborators in Duesseldorf, Julich and Tokyo, our realisation of hydrodynamic instabilities in colloidal dispersions is selected for the (back!) < a href="img/publications/wysockiRoyallCover.pdf" target="_blank">cover of Soft Matter 5 1340-1344. Download the article.

Summer 2008
with Stephen Williams and Hajime Tanaka, we publish the first direct experiment evidence of a structural mechanism for dynamical arrest: read all about it at the UoB press release, the New Scientist, Nature research highlights, Physics world (for those fortunate enough to have access...) and many more. A ' German translation' is also provided.

"Crystallization of Dense Binary Hard-Sphere Mixtures with Marginal Size Ratio," with Stephen Williams and Gary Bryant published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 225502 (2008), is selected for the June 16, 2008 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology.


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