Francesco Turci
Francesco works on novel biasing techniques for very-super-cool liquids. Link to personal page

  Ioatzin Rios de Anda
Novel functional materials from proteins.
Katherine Skipper
PhD Student
3D active matter
  Josh Robinson
Geometric method for statistical mechanics
Rui Cheng
PhD student jointly supervised with Malcolm Fares, Bayer Cropscience.
The mechanism of gel collapse.
  Abraham Mauleon Amieva
Phase behaviour of novel active matter systems
Sian Fussell
PhD student
Funcitonal microgel
  Fergus Moore
PhD student jointly supervised with John Russo in Maths
Active matter in gel networks
Jingwen Li
PhD student jointly supervised with Ross Anderson in Biochemistry
Binary proteins as binary colloids Masters 2018
  Levke Ortlieb
PhD student.
Sorting out the glass problem with particle-resolved studies at exceptional supercooling
Azaima] Yushi Yang
PhD student jointly supervised with John Russo in Maths
Collective behaviour in Zebrafish
  Benjamin Carter
PhD student jointly supervised with John Russo in Maths.
Gel collapse with novel numerical techniques
Laurent Vaughan
PhD jointly supervised with Silke Henkes in Maths.
Novel Active colloids
Maximilian Kloucek
PhD student jointly supervised with Naoki Masuda (University of Buffalo) and John Russo in Maths
Critical across a plethora of systems from proteins to neural networks


Nariaki Sakaï
Postdoc 2017-2019.
Postdoc. ESPCI Paris - PSL

Ian Williams
Postdoc 2013-2014.
PhD 2014.
UCL Chemistry

Link to personal page

James Hallett
Postdoc 2015-2018.
Postdoc with Susan Perkin
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory Oxford University

Julien Lam
Postdoc 2015-2016
Postdoc with James Lutsko
Postdoctorant FNRS
Université Libre de Bruxelles


Jun Dong
PhD 2019.

Nicholas Wood
PhD 2019.

Peter Crowther
PhD 2019.
Research Software Engineer at the university of Manchester

Azaima Razali
PhD 2018
Department of Chemistry, Kulliyyah of Science
International Islamic University Malaysia

Rattachai Pinchaipat
PhD 2018
Department of Physic Faculty of science.
The university is Burapha university.

Max Messiner
PhD 2017.
Postdoc at Warwick Physics with Vassily Kantsler.

Rhiannon Pinney
PhD 2017
Maths Teacher
Katharine Lady Berkeley School

Peter Crowther
PhD 2019
Research Software Engineer
Manchester University

Andrew Dunleavy
PhD 2015.
Masters in Complexity Science 2011.
Andrew is now something in the City.

Jade Taffs
PhD 2015.
BSc 2010.
Jade is an analyst at HEFCE.

Isla Zhang
PhD 2014.
Isla is now turning her considerable programming talents to software development at NCR Edinburgh.

Alex Malins
PhD 2013.
Masters in Complexity Science 2009.
Alex is now a postdoc at the Japanese Atomic Energy Authority, Kashiwa, Tokyo.


Georgia Evers
MSci 2019
RA in Royall Group

Sam Griffiths
MSci 2016
PhD in Edinburgh with Wilson Poon

Jun Dong
2015 Masters in Functional Nanomaterials.
Phd (in Royall group).

James Hicks
MSci 2015.
Masters in Applied Mathematics at King's College London.

Amy Heward
MSci 2015.
UK government.

Richard Buxton
MSci 2015.

Lizzie Mould
MSci 2014.
Masters by research in Bristol Chemistry.

Peter Crowther
MSci 2014.
Phd (in Royall group).

Ioatzin Rios de Anda
2014 Masters in Functional Nanomaterials.
Phd (in Royall group).

Nick Wood
2014 Masters in Functional Nanomaterials.
Phd (in Royall group).

Tony Cartwright
2013 Masters in Functional Nanomaterials.
RA at Los Alamos.

Jamie Worth
2013 Masters in Functional Nanomaterials.
Teaching at a fancy school in the home counties.

Andrew Gray
MSci 2013.
Eng Doc in Birmingham.

Shelley Taylor
MSci 2012.
PhD at the Birmingham University Centre for Doctoral Training in Medial Imaging.

Maia Godonoga
Summer Student 2010.
PhD with Jonathan Heddle, RIKEN, Tokyo.

Monica Moreno
Erasmsus 2008.
Folllowing her PhD Monica is now a lab manager in the Basque Country.

Rebecca Rice
BSc 2008 and Masters' by Research 2009.
Rebecca is now enjoying a quiet expat life in Hong Kong.