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Rearch Projects           (under construction)

All the projects concern the crossing-over phenomena between different space-time scales.
They are classified, tentatively, into three facets axes:
  Thermodynamics of fluctuating world
  Molecular motors, active elements
  Internal stress, memory and plasticity

Thermodynamics of fluctuating world: "Stochastic energetics"  

      How the mesoscopic world looks like ?
      What is the concept of heat for the Brownian motion ?

We aim at extending the concepts of thermodynamics and of mechanical
to the mesoscopic world between atomic and macroscopic ones.
The concept of heat is introduced in this world where thermal fluctuations are visible.

Molecular motors, active elements  

       What is the information processing in a single head of protein motor ?
       Does kinesins use the same internal protocols as myosins do ?
       How a molecular motor extracts work using an entropic resource ?

On the background of the Stochastic Energetics,
we explore the route that relates the 3D structure of protein motors and their functions.

Internal stress, memory and plasticity

        When can we create and read out an internal stress ?
        The plasticity and memory: how can glasses be compared with neurons ?

Internal stress is a perpetual circulation of momentum flux.
Only non-equilibrium operations render it visible macroscopically ...

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